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  1. Hello. A friend has a Magnolia tree that has this on its trunk. Does anyone know what it is? Thanks! It also has large cankers and deer rubs. Its about 30+ years old and is getting new blooms now and it looks fine. Any treatment or thoughts on what to expect? Thank you
  2. I wanted to update my question. Since posting it I talked to some garden center staff and have gotten educated (shout out for learned and experienced employees willing to share their knowledge . I now understand that getting a prescribed fertilizer ratio off the shelf isn't usually going to be possible. I will be using potash and adjusting for the percentage based on the report. I was told that nitrogen, the other recommended nutrient, changes easily and could already be different than in the report. It was suggested I add it separately later. Thanks!
  3. Hello. I had a soil report done last fall. They are recommending three fertilizer types: 12-0-42 or 5-0-15 or 0.7-0-2. I did a quick search online hoping to find a retail location to find it. That wasn't very helpful I am willing to visit Home Depot, Lowes or anywhere else I need to but wondered if what I'm looking for exists in this formulation or where might be the best place to get this. I haven't done this before. I appreciate any help you can give me!
  4. Thank you Janet for your speedy reply! I will let her know and we will look for caterpillars. Is there a way to keep them away thats not toxic or harmful? (aside from picking them off which doesn't work well when you can't see them!)
  5. Hello! I am new to this forum so thank you in advance! My own garden shrank greatly when I moved to a condo 4 years ago so I get my gardening fix by helping friends and volunteering here and there. In a friends garden in Royal Oak, many of the leaves now emerging in some plants are being chewed. The plants they are eating are Mullein and mint; they avoid Queen Anne's lace and sage. It started a week or two ago. Insecticidal soap is doing nothing. My friend has looked closely and at various times of day and sees no evidence of bugs. I am wondering if it could be rabbits or other small animals. Appreciate any thoughts
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