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  1. I was given a few small false indigo plants a few years back. The person who gave them to me said they would only grow about knee high. So I planted then towards the front part of a garden space. Last summer they were at least 4-5 feet tall. Is it possilbe to move these? I understand that they have a few long root system. I love the look of them but they have taken over the area and are starting to block the garden path. Help!
  2. I have 12 or so rose bushes that are over 50 years old. They are really looking scraggly, way too tall and thin. I have a couple that are at least 12 -15 feet tall. I plan on prunning them early this spring. How much should I leave? What is the best time to prun? I wondered if we get a warm spell in February or early March if that is too early. When is the best time to prun roses? I really would hate to lose all of these bushes since they've been here longer than me.
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