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  1. I have a tiny grey worm eating the leaves of my Hibiscus plants. How can I get rid of these without using pesticides. I know that I still will have flowers this fall, but in the meantime the leaves look awful.
  2. We never planted Bittersweet in our yard, but none the less we ended up with some. We decided to leave it because I love cutting the berry branches for fall decorations. What a mistake!!. It reseeded everywhere and we still have not been able to get rid of it. Is is very invasive and hard to dig up.
  3. I have lot of Box Elder trees on my property. Every fall, our house was covered with these bugs. I read about using plain dish soap and water mixed in a squirt bottle. I tried it and was amazed that these bugs die almost instantly when they are sprayed. The trick is to make sure you spray the babies. They can be found in clumps on walls, trees, almost anyplace where the sun can warm them. I started to spray them about ten years ago, and found that within two years the population was almost halved. Now there are maybe a hundred every year and as long as I keep those babies from growning I will never have problems again.
  4. I have had deer eating everything in sight for many years until I decided to try Liquid Fence. My husband starts spraying in early spring just as the Hostas pop up. He sprays once a week for three weeks and then every three weeks until fall. We have not had any deer, rabbit or wood chuck nibble on my plants since we started this routine. The trick is to keep to the schedule. It seems the second year is better than the first, since we have not seen any deer in our yard this season. The smell is bad for a day or two, but fades. Also, if you buy it in concentrated form, it lasts a long time. It takes my husband about 5 to 10 minutes to spray (in the evening) our yard which is quite large. Hope you give it a try!!!!
  5. I recently purchased four Scotch Broom shrubs. I came home and went on line to find out more about these interesting looking shrubs, only to find that they are very invasive and will try to take over my yard. Should I just give up now and return them, or take a chance?
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