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  1. I am seeing this kind of damage everywhere in the MSU gardens, always south facing for the most part. The harsh winter was very tough on evergreens. I even lost a whole south facing hill of english ivy. My approach will be to let it grow out as much as possible. Eventually the yellow leaves will fall off or a gentle wipe of the hand breaks them off. I am raking out the ivy to remove the dead. Hopefully new growth will emerge soon. Boxwood are always susceptible, and often need some winter protection from south sun or north winds.
  2. Looks like Rhizosphaera, best to bring some branches to the diagnostic lab at MSU to verify. http://www.pestid.msu.edu/LinkClick.aspx?link=Factsheets%2FRhizosphaeraCS3.pdf&tabid=218&mid=834
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