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  1. Rudy

    Lawn damage

    Same thing (holes) in my lawn now. Apparently the skunks found grubs. Mid-Michigan, mid April. Was told to use Bayer 24 hr grub control about now, then imidaclopid (Merit) in July.
  2. I have an Andorra juniper about 20 years or more old. It occupies a spot near the curb where I can't grow grass. It's huge now, but the middle is dying out. My initial thought was to remove it and replace, but then I realized that lots of the branches have developed roots. How about if I cut off some of these younger branches, with roots, and try to replant them after getting rid of the old dead center? Any chance of success or just a waste of time? Never mind - decided to yank them.
  3. Rudy

    Emerald Ash Borer control

    Thanks, Janet. Only consolation is that we have a ginko in the front lawn, many years old, so the house does not look barren. It's going to enjoy the extra sun now.
  4. Rudy

    Emerald Ash Borer control

    Final Update: Over half the limbs were dead this year. Including two that hang over the house. The tree was cut down. Too bad.
  5. Rudy

    Emerald Ash Borer control

    A year and a half later: an update. This August I noticed considerable leaf drop, and the formation of epicormic branches. Bad signs! I had a professional in, and had an injection of emamectin benzoate (brand TREE-age). Maybe a 70% chance of saving this tree. I'm thinking I should have gone the professional route a few years ago. Tree drench just didn't cut it for a tree that large any more.
  6. Rudy

    Does ivy harm trees?

    Does ivy growing on living trees harm the trees? Does the ivy draw any nourishment from trees, or is it just using the trees for support like it does on walls?
  7. You ought to post this in the vegetables forum. no one is likely to find it here in "how to use forums."
  8. Plastic or not, I think Google is a great resource for anything. Search for artifical grass vancouver. Gotta get something.
  9. Wonderful! Thanks for sharing the pix. very encouraging.
  10. Rudy

    Emerald Ash Borer control

    Thanks for the DETAILED reply! I use this product only in one case. I have a nice ash tree in my front yard that's been there for over 20 years or so. Every year since the emerald ash borer invasion started, I've been using the Bayer product as a drench (one quart of concentrate diluted into water). By now, I'm a little shy of the dosage suggested for the tree diameter. But each spring, the tree has a full crown of leaves so I've been rather lucky. I just want to keep up with this regimen. As far as non-target plants, the only thing anywhere near the tree is the lawn, and some shrubs (juniper, euonymus). I'm hoping now that the reformulated product will work as well. It has only 75% of total neonicotinoids as when it was only imidacloprid.
  11. For years I have been using Bayer Advanced Tree and Shrub concenrate as a drench around an ash tree to hopefully stave off an emerald ash borer attack. So far so good, the tree has full leaf each year. In the past, the active ingredient was imidacloprid. Now, what's in the stores, is a formulation of about half as much imidacloprid plus a lesser amount of clothianidin. anybody know why the change, and whether this new formula is as good?
  12. I don't have a bird bath, but here is an idea: People have suggested pennies to keep down algae. Might work. Should be safe seeing as how our drinking water sees a lot of copper anyhow. Maybe that's why people threw pennies into fountains - not just for luck. You might want to Google for toxicity of copper for birds.
  13. More ambitious than me. I did: cleaned leaves out of gutters. hoses put away. water turned off at outside faucets. Final (of 3) fertilizations of lawn. Last mowing. Removed mower blade to be sharpened. Changed oil in mower. Leaves gone from lawn. Too early to do anything to roses. Still need to clean/sharpen/oil tools.
  14. Rudy

    Our garage

    How do you keep from straining your back when reaching for stuff along the far wall?
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