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    Yes, the soil test indicated that I needed 3-4.5 pounds of nitrogen per 1,ooo square feet.
  2. Don't know if you'll see this since I'm a day late...(& a dollar short?) but didn't know where to put it! I need to add nitrogen to my soil (flower beds). Blood meal is too darned expensive for all the coverage I need. I know a grass fertilizer was recommended as an alternative but what numbers am I looking for?? I went to lows & there's nothing resembling bloodmeal numbers. My choices seem to be higher numbers like 29-0-5. I was also looking for micronutrients & didn't see much in the bags. Some had 2% iron. That's about it. Is this what I should use? I've found no cottonseed meal.
  3. julibu

    boxwood dieback!

    Shoot. Now I'm on the road and don't have access to a computer. I'm not sure how to post the picture from the camera roll of my iPhone. I'm pretty sure those buds are dead.
  4. julibu

    boxwood dieback!

    Steve--I think the buds are dead on the brown branches. How do I attach a photo in a reply?
  5. Sorry to hop in with two topics! I have to leave for choir dress rehearsal. Anyway, I have 3 chamaecyparis sullivans at the back of my property that I ADORE, especially in winter. I put them in 10 years ago. I lost one last year--I think due to underwatering. Now the middle one looks a sickly ashen green (hopefully you can tell from the photo). Am I destined to lose it? Is there anything I can do??? How about for the one next to it? Oh, I'm in Dayton, OH FYI .
  6. julibu

    boxwood dieback!

    The boxwoods all over my yard have varying degrees of dieback "(see photo). Do I need to sit & cut each branch back to where I find green (on ALL 25 bushes?)? What about the huge holes this will leave in some of them?
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