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  1. This may not really count as a greenhouse, but I've been using the pop-up type for years. Easy to put up and take down, mainly used for a season extender. I just graduated to a greenhouse that has shelving, but its still just encased in a plastic cover, so another season extender. Gardener's Supply and Grower's Supply were the catalogs I used to look for them. As for features, I definitely like the shelving in the new one, but the clear plastic cover required that I purchase a shade cover. Temps can easily get 20-30 degrees over ambient. Just too bad it isn't able to retain that heat overnight.
  2. Can you actually start tracking GDD yet? I thought it was too early, warm weather or not.
  3. If you have access to latex or nitrile gloves, you can cut off the fingertips and use it as protection on the cracked finger. Works especially well when left on overnight.
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