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  1. Most likely spider mites.  They like the dry winter house conditions.  I've found either insecticidal soap spray will knock them down.  If you don't want to go the chemical route, them spraying water instead will work, but you have to be perisistent with this method.

  2. Ivy is rooted in the ground and gets its nourishment like any other vine.  Two potential problems with any kind of vines growing on trees is competition for sunlight--(leaves of vines shade out tree leaves), and the vines themselves girdling the tree as they get larger and thicker.

  3. Looking for a tall, (2-4'), perennial to put under my sugar maple.  It would probably qualify for a part sun site but definitely dry due to competition from the tree.  Came across solomon's seal, (Polygonatum biflorum), as a possible candidate.  Anyone have experience with this plant?  Its going to grown on an easement in a open bottom plastic pot sunk into the ground.



  4. Probably just as important as light and temperature is timing.  Start your seeds too early and you'll be dealing with mature plants weeks before they're able to be planted outside.  You might be faced with the prospect of having to transplant them to larger pots, (which will take up much more space), or keeping them in the original containers and hope they don't get too stressed before the warm weather comes. 

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  5. If you don't like the way the leaves look in the garden in spring, you could always pull them out to let things get started, then pile them back on in late May or June. I've done that before, mainly because I have things that I want to reseed. Shredding them might help keep them in place. Like Dsmith said, plants grow through a heavy leaf mulch in the woods all the time, and they do just fine.

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