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  1. My baptisia is being real pokey this year. All I see now are a couple of shoots about 4" long emerging from the ground. I don't remember it taking this long to get started before. Is this normal?
  2. I had one small cranberry bush viburnum that got attacked last year. Scouted daily for larvae, seemed to make it through the first onslaught and was flushing out again. Then came the second round from the adults. Seemed the only option was chemical controls. I replaced it with a clethra.
  3. Most likely spider mites. They like the dry winter house conditions. I've found either insecticidal soap spray will knock them down. If you don't want to go the chemical route, them spraying water instead will work, but you have to be perisistent with this method.
  4. monkshood? hard to tell without seeing the whole plant. or was that the point?
  5. Yep, its finally starting to flush out. Never seen it take this long in the 20+ years that I've had it.
  6. My wisteria hasn't yet flushed out with either leaves or flowers. Buds are still tight although I see maybe 4-6 green shoots starting. Has anyone else experienced this? Wondering how long I should wait before I start cutting back dead wood.
  7. I planted mine last spring, and it looks pretty much the same as yours, with the exception of little green shoots growing from the base. I'd give it more time.
  8. Insect hatches are usually tied pretty closely to growing degree days. MSU might have some info as to when mantid eggs hatch, and the number of growing degree days we've accumulated this season. (I've recorded around 90 so far but that's just in my yard).
  9. carolm

    Does ivy harm trees?

    Ivy is rooted in the ground and gets its nourishment like any other vine. Two potential problems with any kind of vines growing on trees is competition for sunlight--(leaves of vines shade out tree leaves), and the vines themselves girdling the tree as they get larger and thicker.
  10. You could bury the pot directly in the ground and mulch it well.
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