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  1. Thanks! All I could remember is it started with an L
  2. OOPs. The picture is sideways. Any one know what it is? I would like to be able to see what conditions it like. Some of the leaves look chloratic which might be from my poor drainage. Thank you,
  3. I took a root piece from Janet's zoo garden before the wolve exhibit took over. I need help identifying it. I am hopefully uploading a picture. It is just starting to bloom with small pink sweet pea like flowers. The picture has some white euphorbia "snow on the mountain" mixed in, please ignore that.
  4. I have so often waited until I see this blooming in the Spring. Good to know I should be on the look out at plucking it out now.
  5. Love the math reference to fractals in nature.
  6. Do you know if any of these plants with resistance, especially to Japanese Beetle, will be available to buy?
  7. I just found this sight that tells amount of rain/snow fall by city. http://www.cocorahs.org/ViewData/StateDailyPrecipReports.aspx?state=MI It is community observers all around the country that report their findings on line. They are used by lots of people and organizations including the National Weather Service. I think the site is quite interesting it even shows some of the volunteer training slides.
  8. I have had two people tell me their ninebarks have mostly dead branches on them. Was the winter hard on this shrub???? Mine died after I had it only 3 years. Yet, when I look on line most articles said this is a really easy shrub that thrives in most conditions. Any one know of reasons that Diablo ninebarks fail to thrive?
  9. Have the milkweed brought you monarchs? I had the whole side of a Rochester house planted with milkweed , but never saw a Monarch.
  10. Michele A

    Lawn damage

    Has anyone ever used the product called Molemax? I saw it in the Bordine's flyer. It says it releases castor oil into the soil which the moles "detest". Is castor oil bad for worms and other good things in the lawn?
  11. Are the pale green spots on the bark of Serviceberry bushes ok or is there some deficiency that needs to be addressed.
  12. I am wondering if this kind of branching is normal for a Katsura tree that was planted 3 or 4 yrs ago? Am I supposed to be trimming out some of the branches? I don't know why the picture is so big up there?
  13. I need to look up some back strengthening exercises with spring coming soon.
  14. Thanks, when I was at Sylvan Glen I got up close and personal with them. They smell like lilacs too. You are right. Troy did plant a lot of them.
  15. Does anyone know what tree is blooming right now in June? It has white plumes on it that look like Astilbe blooms. Thanks,
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