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  1. I just removed a rose I planted in 2010. It was a "Big Hip Rose" Apple Rose, Rosa pomifera-villosa. I had wanted this plant for the wildlife as it did have big hips. I saw the odd growth, excessive thorns, light green growth in fall. I want to disinfect my pruners and loppers that I used and thought a refresher on the solution that would kill the virus that is on the blades would be helpful. Thanks. Pat
  2. When our subdivision had to repave our streets the front 3 feet of everyone's property was dug up. So I planted yellow crocus in four areas in 2004. I still get some coming up but they do decrease over time. I also wait a month or more before I mow the foliage. I just mow around the clumps and live with the tufts. I would not recommend yellow as it doesn't show up as well as pink, blue or white. Pat
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    Weed ID

    Hi Paul and Steve, I have this in my garden and it is enjoyable to a point. The photo I think is of Chelidonium majus (Greater Celandine) orange sap, smaller yellow flowers, fruit is slender pod is an erect capsule, biennial, reseeds everywhere in fertile shady sites. I let it be where I don't need something else to grow there like the north side of my house next to the wall. I also have Stylophorum diphyllum (Celandine Poppy) or (Wood Poppy) has bigger yellow flowers, ovoid, hairy seed pod nods over like a poppy. It spreads around a bit less aggressively but I like it here and there. Thanks for asking this question as it made me look it up to differentiate the two as they look alike at first glance. Pat
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